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Greenhouse misting is essential in maintaining ideal moisture conditions suitable for greenhouse productivity. Our high quality, consumer friendly cozymist misting systems provide a constant, stable environment year round. In addition, this systems help to reduce plant shock and make a positive impact on plant health, productivity and profitability.
Increase the humidity level in the greenhouse and lower the greenhouse temperature with the Cozymist High Pressure Mist System. The so controlled temperature results in lesser opening of the ventilation windows and therefore a more optimal CO2 level.
The mist system is a high pressure system with 60 bar working pressure with max. 70 bar on the pump. The water droplets are, 10 to 11 micron (μm) super small. Droplet size is the result of the special design en production method of the misting nozzles. Because of its size , the droplet ‘floats’ in the air and evaporates before it reaches the plant.
The Cozymist High Pressure Mist System is designed to distribute the humidity proportional. The nozzles ensure a high emission rate at low volume, without dripping. All installations are tailored to each individual and greenhouse cultivation.